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Custom Engineering & Design


当你与我们的专家团队的传感器/ system engineers, it is the beginning of a highly collaborative relationship that leads to superior application-specific results. We can work from your specifications, or help you generate the key parameters for testing and development. We will work from your Finite Element Analysis, or create one to simulate our custom design, before any parts are machined. The entire process is backed by our comprehensive in house engineering and production capabilities, including calibration, testing and rapid prototyping via on-premises 3D printing.

Powerful and precise packages with miniaturized footprints.

SMD能够实现卓越的小型化水平 - 同时生产高精度设备,可承受扩展服务,高温和苛刻的操作环境的严格。结果包括标准泡沫传感器,可检测小于0.1微升的气泡,具有毫克容量范围的磁阻,毫克为5000千克,并且具有精度范围内的非侵入式内联流量计在1%至2%之内。




a partial listing

  • Load cell and pressure sensor design
  • 闭塞感应
  • Non-contact pressure and flow detection
  • Ultrasonic bubble detection
  • 医学敏感需要临界流体护理分配和监测
  • 超小型和精密传感器
  • Tocodynamometer sensorsSMD是世界上最大的供应商之一
  • Optical planometers
  • 外围医疗器械和包装to sense weight, force or pressure
  • 实验室仪器传感子组件
  • 定制和标准液位传感使用超声波和浮法级别感测
  • Industrial force and pressure measurements and custom assemblies
  • 液位 - 超声波
  • 浮动簧片开关,单点和多点电平
  • Optical Switch
  • Capacitance, Point-Level and Continuous Level

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