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Intravenous lines are used to administer drugs and nutrients into a patient during care. During this process, air may be accidentally introduced to the line, resulting in adverse health effects. As such, constant monitoring of IV lines is critical for ensuring patient safety. Devices exist that can automatically detect and redirect air bubbles into a waste stream before they reach the patient so as not to interrupt a procedure or flow to a patient.



Strain Measurement Devices Solution:

为了解决这个问题,设计了一种应变测量装置亚博竞彩网站定制泡沫传感器, this sensor is based in SMD’s proprietary ultrasonic detection technology. Utilizing a “v-shaped” tube slot allows for easy and automated tube installation. Each sensor is custom calibrated with customer selected tubing to selectively detect unsafe bubbles and ignore nuisance bubbles, based on customer specifications. Custom bubble sensors feature a variety of options for applications in almost any market, with such features as combination sensors, tube size and material specifications, and bubble size considerations.