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At SMD, we’ve built our business on understanding the needs of our customers and delivering fully engineered custom solutions to complex problems. We offer a range of off-the-shelf parts; however, in the majority of cases, the standard part serves as a jumping-off point to assist during the “proof of concept” stage of a project.

More often than not, a custom solution is required, and we have a team of engineers that are able to work with you to find the perfect solution. This can be a modification to a standard part or a complex design project. We areISO9001andISO13485.认证,使我们能够处理您的工业或医疗设备设计。



  • 独特的尺寸,几何或最大容量
  • 集成过载保护停止
  • 建立一个更复杂的子组件
  • Adding custom calibration electronics and lead-outs
  • 保护它免受极端条件(例如可高压灭菌的负载细胞)
  • 添加无线通信,例如,蓝牙,zigbee或物联网

Our 5-Step Custom Load Cell Engineering Process

Step 1: Meet With You To Understand Your Vision

Our mission is to turn your vision into reality. If you need a load cell for a specific type of infusion pump, for example, then we want to make sure we understand your target application in its entirety before moving forward. At this stage, Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed and ideas are shared, usually via conference calls. We like to get a “big picture” overview of the project to help us foresee any potential stumbling blocks along the way. We may also suggest off-the-shelf products so you can test our technology while a custom solution is in the works.





这design process can be as collaborative as you want it to be. We can take your list of specifications and turn it into a reality; however, the design process can often be a bit more nuanced than that. There are usually engineering tradeoffs, and we want our customers to be involved in these decisions as necessary. For bigger projects, we often schedule weekly conference calls between our team and our customers to discuss progress and important milestones.






· Suited for low force
· Low power consumption
· Low hysteresis
· Integral tension/compression overload protection