Custom Tubing for Standard Bubble and Clamp-On Flow Sensors


1: Discuss your application with us. SMD Sensors will request a sample of your tubing and email you a Tube Submission Form.

2: Fill out the relevant information on the form and submit it to SMD Sensors. Upon submission, a tube number and shipping address will be automatically generated and sent via email. The tube number acts as an internal designator for your tubing (for example 201). Using the shipping address in the email, ship the tube to SMD Sensors.

For Complimentary Testing
3: Once the tube is received at SMD Sensors, our Engineering department will log the tube into our system and complete some preliminary testing to determine if the tube will be suitable for our standard bubble or flow sensors.
4:An SMD Sensor team member will contact you with the testing results within a week of receiving the tubing.

3:当您订购传感器时,将管子指定器附加到零件号上,然后再用仪表板。例如,如果您想订购使用管号“ 201”测试的A430-MLTD,则将订购零件号“ A430-MLTD-2010”。
4:We will run our standard test procedure with your tubing before shipping the sensors. Note that this test will only check if the sensor detects a tube full of air and a tube full of water. See our Technical Note on Tube Calibration if more complex calibration is required.

*Note: If you have already submitted a tube for complimentary testing and wish to have purchased sensors tested with the tubing prior to shipping, please follow Steps 3 – 4 under “For Testing with Purchased Sensors Prior to Shipping”.